LibraryBox Scavenger Hunt

The search is on! Discover the possibilities of a LibraryBox and have fun doing it! PLA is hosting its first-ever LibraryBox Scavenger Hunt. Decipher all four clues and you might win a LibraryBox of your own!

How do I participate?

It’s easy!

  1. Locate the four LibraryBoxes in the convention center;
  2. Connect to each one via any wifi-enabled device (you’ll see each corresponding SSID appear when you are near);
  3. Launch a browser and view the LibraryBox homepage;
  4. Look for the folder called “Fun” to find your clue;
  5. Fill in the answer to the clue on the LibraryBox Scavenger Hunt sheet;
  6. Be sure to visit each of four Library Boxes and find its clue; and finally
  7. Drop off your completed answer sheet in the Library Space Pavilion, located in the Exhibits Hall.

Game on! How long do I have to hunt?

The Scavenger Hunt opens the morning of Tuesday, March 11, and runs through 4:00 PM on Friday, March 14.

How do I win?

Be sure to submit your completed answer sheet! We’ll take all the answer sheets with correct responses and draw four random winners. Winners will be alerted by e-mail.

I’m new to this. What’s a LibraryBox?

LibraryBoxes are inexpensive wireless devices designed to provide stable, simple access to preloaded text and multimedia files. Anyone with a wi-fi enabled device can access LibraryBox and discover free public-domain content, community alerts, or anything else you can imagine. This open-source project has massive ramifications for small and rural libraries, or anyone working with the public in areas lacking reliable Internet access.

What if I have problems connecting or other questions?

E-mail for assistance.

Credits: LibraryBox created by Jason Griffey. For more information visit
Twitter: #PLALibraryBox