Full Day Preconference

Communicate Change So the Whole Staff Hears You

FULL DAY; Tuesday, March 11, 9:00 AM–5:30 PM

Something’s changing—and everyone on staff needs to understand it, accept it, and contribute to its success. Great leaders know that people are different and that, in order to have an effective team, messages need to come in all shapes and sizes. Understanding the differences people have involving change will give you the language, insight, and tools needed to address the most challenging of tasks—getting everyone on board with change. The registration fee includes access to the Change Style Indicator®, a change management assessment tool.

Presenter: Marti Peden, Peden & Associates, Uniontown, Ohio

Target Audience: Staff and supervisory personnel at all levels. No previous knowledge of the topic is required.

At the end of this preconference participants will:

  • Recognize and appreciate the differences and preferences that people have when experiencing change;
  • Understand and address the sources of conflict that are associated with change; and
  • Respond to the needs of others in a way that enhances collaboration and builds team synergy.

Cost: $210 PLA/ILF Members, $265 ALA Members, $320 Nonmembers