Virtual Conference

PLA 2014 Virtual Conference logoDo You Know Where Your Librarian Is? Building Relationships Outside the Building

Thursday, March 13
11:00 AM–12:00 PM

This panel program highlights the real-world successes of the three libraries with embedded librarianship, a powerful way to tune into the needs of the community and build relationships. We’ll further the conversation on expanding the vision of library services and the changing role of librarians, and demonstrate how embedded librarians strengthen the civic engagement of entire communities at the same time that they transform libraries.

Presenters: Kathleen Beaseley, San Mateo County (Calif.) Library – Belmont Library; Chris Brown, Contra Costa County (Calif.) Library – Pittsburg Library; Ashley Kagan, Palos Verdes Library District, Rolling Hills Estate, Calif.; Monique Sugimoto, Palos Verdes Library District
Organizer: Monique Sugimoto, Palos Verdes Library District